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7/19/2018 8:35:40 AM

Ron and Judy Hoefer bought a $550,000 home on the beach on Camano Island, Wash., in 2013 that had the same owner for some 30 years. An extensive renovation, costing $150,000, resulted in a more modern look.

7/12/2018 9:07:26 PM

A 2Mshift house on Camano Island, Wash., designed by Prentiss Balance Wickline Architects and built by Method Homes. Design magazines love them.

7/8/2018 10:16:10 PM

Family enjoying their vacation on a boat rescues a DEER from drowning after it jumped into the ocean and swam too far to be able to get back to shore A Washington state family, in the right place, at the right time, was able to rescue a deer that almost drowned after it jumped into the ocean and swam too far out into choppy waters. Drew McWhirter posted a video of the timely capture on Facebook , writing that, 'Bambi lost its family and hopelessly swam out to sea in treacherous waters.'

7/3/2018 3:06:14 PM

A family rescued a deer who had jumped into the water off of Blomquist Beach on Camano Island Sunday, and the whole thing was caught on camera. We were sitting out on the deck of the beach house and the baby deer came by all frantic, stopped for a moment, then jumped off the bulkhead into the water," Drew McWhirter told KOMO-TV .

7/2/2018 9:46:28 AM

Island County authorities announced the charges on Friday against Jacob Gonzales, who remains at large and is believed to have traveled to California. Police in early March found the body of 26-year-old Katherine Cunningham on an undeveloped parcel of land near a gun- and ammo-filled bunker on Camano Island, north of Seattle.